Thanks for putting yourself out there, you wildly talented human.
Thanks so much for participating in Couchella!! We had a blast and we hope you did too.

Couchella A One-of-a-kind music festival

Why Couchella?

Music festivals offer awesome exposure for bands who play in the real world. So why not create the same experience for musicians who play on the internet? Enter: Couchella, the first ever online music festival featuring original curated music, coming at you live April 23. No expensive tickets, no sponsors, no pyrotechnics. Just a small, tasty slice of what the internet music scene has to offer, from the humblest of stages: the couch.


Set Time Artist Name Song Title
10:00:00 PST Shay Leigh Willow Tree
10:06:51 PST Aaron Kaufman Origami
10:10:16 PST The Great Dictators Pride
10:14:36 PST Tighty Willis You Can't Be In My Head
10:18:45 PST The Eastern Sea The Match
10:23:46 PST The Bennys Blue Skies
10:26:48 PST Nick Lopez For the Music
10:31:04 PST Matt Spicer Queen of Hearts
10:35:21 PST Kata Rzia Tancuj, tancuj (dance, dance)
10:38:23 PST Anna Ash Wild
10:43:05 PST Brailey Lenderman Numb
10:47:16 PST Jason Pickar Strip Club Pancakes
10:50:31 PST Allensworth Bed Of Thorns
10:53:34 PST Kenton Chen Anthem
10:58:50 PST Daniel Jimenez Afanador Solo Tu
11:02:22 PST Mike Falzone The Way You Walk Away
11:06:40 PST Pat McKillen Pholk & Phollies
11:11:07 PST Go Dugong When You Feel So Heartless
11:15:00 PST Chelsea Genzano Love Letters
11:20:15 PST Jarrod Gorbel Desperate Hands w/Dre Babinski
11:23:41 PST Juliana Richer Daily Way To Go
11:26:57 PST Aligns Work It
11:29:15 PST The Wanton Bishops Sleep With The Lights On
11:32:49 PST Miner Hey Love
11:36:26 PST One Two Without You
11:40:49 PST Baywood I Can Breathe Again
11:45:00 PST Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons 18 Feet Under
11:48:34 PST Aleesha Bender Never Looking Back
11:52:08 PST Trevor Davis Larger Than Me
11:56:16 PST Old Wives' Tale Josephine
11:59:27 PST Stone Rabbits White Noise/Discipline
12:04:54 PST The Sarcastic Dharma Society I'd Leave Me
12:07:40 PST Adam Hoek Future Me
12:10:46 PST Ben Lerman Ben Lerman Plays Ukelele
12:13:33 PST Tropical Lips Through your Eyes
12:18:04 PST Calliope Musicals I'm Through
12:21:31 PST Filthy Boy Jimmy Jammies
12:25:30 PST Chris Molitor Untie Your Heart
12:28:52 PST A.J. Rafael We Could Happen
12:33:15 PST Juliana Richer Daily Way To Go
12:36:31 PST Josh Turner I Love You Too
12:40:24 PST Jazelle Mae Tating Pinch me
12:42:32 PST The New Rome Getting Older
12:46:11 PST Catfish Orians (Nathan Orians) The Runaround
12:49:25 PST Andy Davis Capital Letters
12:53:16 PST DJ Slimcutz Unnamed Set
12:54:51 PST Hungry Girl I'm in Need
12:57:28 PST Jesse LeBourdais Lost and Found
01:01:30 PST Snipe-Won Life As An Extra
01:05:12 PST Midnight Romeo Lonely Dancer
01:08:46 PST Alex Lim 3 Years (Fallin')
01:13:43 PST Ethan Gold Nonstop
01:17:48 PST hunters. The Her Is Me
01:22:15 PST Jay Stolar Holding You All Through the Night
01:27:29 PST Sharaya Mikael Fool For Love
01:30:15 PST The Honey Brothers Alone No More

How can I perform?

Submit a youtube link of an original performance. Whether it’s a piece you recorded on your couch last night, or last year. (No covers, please! The internet has enough of those).

Nominate an artist

Have you discovered the next great artist no one knows about yet? Now’s your chance to shine a bigger spotlight. Share their youtube link here, and we’ll try to give them a venue.